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Senator Mike Padden has a track record of being a strong advocate for public safety and protecting the most vulnerable. Mike has sponsored many important bills in Olympia to increase penalties on crimes against minors and to protect the developmentally disabled community.

Bills passed into law sponsored by Senator Padden:

  • Made it a Felony to electronically communicate with a minor for immoral purposes (ESSB 5669, 2013)

  • Made a fourth DUI in 10 years a Felony (SB 5037, 2017)

  • Toughened retail theft penalties (SB 5635, 2017)

  • Facilitates the retention of good foster parents (SSB 6500, 2020)

  • First responders notify public and private schools of nearby potential threats (SSB 5514, 2019)

  • Toughened human trafficking laws against minors (SB 5813, 2017)

  • Prohibits discriminating against developmentally or physically disabled patients needing organ transplants (SB 5405, 2019)

  • Provides aid to parents of crime victims for lost wages (2SSB 6181, 2020)

(List is not all inclusive of bills passed into law and/or legislation sponsored by Senator Padden.)

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